With the issuing of the Tarrant County “Stay at Home Order”, and the indefinite closure of area school districts, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County (BGCGTC) regular programs and services will remain closed until further notice. This includes all Club sponsored activities and trips. While we can’t yet resume regular programming, there is nothing more important than finding ways to serve our kids and connect our families to vital resources. Currently, we have realigned our focus to serve the community in three critical areas:

  • Meal Distribution
  • Distance Learning Support
  • Special Programs
  • At this time, we are adapting and responding to the emerging needs of the youth and families we serve. We must be agile and adaptable so we can offer the most relevant solutions at any given time. As a result, our critical need is unrestricted financial support to fund key operations that are being implemented as COVID-19 relief efforts.

    The best moment was being able to see some of my kiddos every day this week. Even though it was from a distance being able to see them lifted my spirits and boosted morale for the kids and their parents. Serving from a distance is challenging but rewarding.

    Brittney, East Branch staff member

    Food, Meal and Learning Kit Distribution Curbside

    Since March 24, BGCGTC has been providing curbside meal distribution at select locations Monday through Friday at dinner time. On Fridays, families are also receiving groceries for the weekend. These prepared meals are supplied through the USDA feeding program and Tarrant Area and Metroplex Food Banks. Restaurants are also donating as much as possible. Coordinating with police and practicing safe social distancing require intentional planning and thoughtful execution among some of our most experienced staff. Learning kits, containing books, lesson plans, inspirational notes, etc., are also distributed with the meals for families to use at home. In the past seven weeks BGCGTC has served 44,617 curbside meals to kids and families.

    Week One: March 24-29

    # of Meals Served

    Main Location
    North Fort Worth

    Week Two: March 30 - April 5

    # of Meals Served

    Main Location
    North Fort Worth

    Need: Secure operating gifts to fund meal, food and learning kit distribution for 8 weeks = $415,000.

    Distance Learning Support

    Our youth development experts have put together resources to keep kids’ minds and bodies active. Using distance technology, Club members are able to access mobile educational resources as well as their favorite Club programs anytime! We were thrilled to have our  Virtual Club Programming go live on our BGCGTC YouTube channel last week. Just like they rotate to and from different programs at the Club, now our members can enjoy seeing their favorite Club staff and programs online! We are heavily leveraging and our BGCGTC social media channels to disseminate resources to the community. Through multiple daily posts, we are providing resources on meal distributions, mental health hotlines, educational videos, support for parents and much more!

    Eastside Branch staff members are helping get my senior ready for college even with the Club being closed. They have sent us college resources and virtual college tours to attend.

    Stacy, Club Parent

    Need: Secure operating gifts to fund staff salaries and distance technologies for 8 weeks = $115,752.80.

    Special Programs: Now Virtual

    Using technology, program staff are providing resources including:

    Prevention Programs:

  • Daily emotional and mental resources for kids and families
  • Daily healthy mind and body activity videos
  • Weekly Podcast series
  • Emotional support & tips for parents
  • Pre-college Programs:

  • Collecting updated senior needs assessments
  • Workshops and case management for students and families
  • Virtual ‘Parent Night’ for info on enrollment, financial aid, etc.
  • Online test prep for SAT/ACT/TSI/STAAR
  • Comin’ Up Gang Intervention:

  • Facebook social learning groups for each location
  • Online links on health, motivation, leadership, jobs and more
  • Virtual case management to members
  • These programs are made possible through continued funding from: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Fort Worth Crime Control and Prevention District, Texas Health and Human Services, US Department of Education, Community Youth Development program, Department of Family and Protective Services

    Blog: Mission Minutes

    How the Club is fulfilling its mission is evolving on a daily basis, therefore we have started a blog called  Mission Minutes to communicate what we are doing, how we are doing it, and what we need help with. We have posted 6 blog posts on our website and will continue to post frequently. I encourage you to check to stay informed about how we are serving our community.

    Together we can, 

    Daphne Barlow Stigliano, BGCGTC CEO & President

    Doing The Right Thing For Kids, Always

    We remain steadfast in our vision that success is within reach of every young person we serve, with all on track to graduate high school with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle. COVID-19 will not disrupt our mission or alter our vision, and we are deeply grateful to those whose financial support will allow us to be there for our community’s youth.

    In moments like these, we really need the community to look out for each other.

    Isaac - North Fort Worth Branch staff member

    All contributions, large or small, help open doors for your youth.

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    Attend an Event

    Joining us at one of our signature events is a fun and impactful way to support our mission.


    Build Great Futures with us!  Volunteers play a vital role in transforming the lives of our club members.

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