August 24, 2020
August 24, 2020
September 5, 2020
September 5, 2020

September 1, 2020: She is their advocate

“The easiest thing to appreciate about LaToyia is how good she is at executing the details; the small things that make the difference between us doing the work and us excelling at serving our communities. But more important than that is seeing that her heart for our kids and their families, and our staff is so big! She is their advocate in a way that challenges us to find a way to keep serving!” - Shon Dorsey, MSW, BGCGTC Senior Vice President, Branches

In March, with the closure of schools for our members and the increasing number of layoffs for our parents, our service model quickly needed to adapt to the new needs of our community. During this time, our organization needed a trusted, dedicated Club leader to guide our staff through the impending transition we would go through as the pandemic slowly upended the lives of every kid and family we serve.

LaToyia Greyer was that Club leader. LaToyia has been a member of the Club family since 2012. In her eight years with the organization she has moved from Teen Director, to Branch Director, to her current role as Area Director. Time and time again, LaToyia has demonstrated her passion and dedication to serving youth and going above and beyond to ensure nothing is out of reach. Simply put, no one was more prepared to take on the challenge of feeding our families.

LaToyia gracefully led our staff as we pivoted our Club services to curbside meal distributions to address the need for food across Tarrant County. Monday through Friday at 4:00p.m. LaToyia coordinated an impeccably organized distribution of healthy meals, snacks and learning kits to members and non-members who looked to the Club during this unprecedented time. After six months, our staff has distributed over 140,000 meals to families and kids who desperately needed a warm meal and a kind face to help them.

LaToyia’s leadership and dedication allowed our organization to provide a critical basic need to our community when they needed it the most.

Thank you for your passion and hardwork, LaToyia!

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She Is Their Advocate

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