May 8, 2020
May 8, 2020
June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020

May 29, 2020: Corporate Partnerships Evolving.

I have been incredibly moved to see corporate partners think creatively to help us continue to reach Club families and beyond.

Fidelity Investments has been a long-standing partner to our organization. For years they have provided countless volunteer hours, innovative mentor and internship opportunities for our kids and financial support. Year after year, they work with us to enhance our partnership to provide maximum impact, and their approach to supporting the Club now has been no different.

As you know, curbside meal distribution has provided immense impact, but it assumes that families who are hungry can get to our facilities when they need support - this is simply not the case. Fidelity’s empty cafeteria, and available food service workers, along with our parked busses are a perfect marriage to solve this problem. Starting on May 13 Fidelity’s food service team got to work making 500 freshly prepared meals for hungry families and our team went to pick them up for a new kind of food distribution. They have done this every weekday since then.

Over a month’s time, Fidelity will have cooked and shared 10,000 meals with families in our community.

When I asked Jennifer Gray, Fidelity Investments’ senior community relations manager, why the financial services company provided these meals, she shared with me that Fidelity’s community response to the pandemic is focused on identifying immediate and long-term opportunities to make a difference in North Texas. So they quickly pivoted to mobilize to help fellow North Texans with some of their most basic needs during these challenging times.

The Las Vegas Trail community is among the most needy in the area, affected by every social, criminal and educational challenge we can imagine. We know there was a need for meal distribution there, but our facility is not well suited for curbside distribution, and we’ve been very concerned about how we were going to be active there safely.

While we have been planning to add mobile food delivery to our summer service model, the addition of Fidelity meals now has allowed us to start feeding people NOW - people who really need this service. We are also able to use this resource to pilot mobile food services and immediately learn how we will do that well.

The summer is here. We have had to quickly evolve to meet needs, and Fidelity has evolved alongside us. I am personally so grateful.

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Corporate Partnerships Evolving

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