April 15, 2020
April 15, 2020
April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

April 20, 2020: Demand for Club Services Increase Across Tarrant County

For the more than 28,000 young people we serve, the Club may have been an obvious resource for the time being. However, there are thousands more young people and families in Tarrant County who are just now being exposed to the hope the Club provides. In fact, on Thursday alone, we fed 1,518 children. We used every bit of food we had. Only 21% of those we fed were members of our Club before this crisis. This need has grown every day.

The Club is taking action through food distribution, virtual learning, and case management initiatives, and other measures to ensure we can continue serving our members. Although that is critically important, the role of the Club has changed to become a beacon of hope to the community at large. This week, our virtual programming expanded and we are now releasing videos daily. The content in each of the videos is strategic and intentional. Anyone who encounters our virtual programming online, be it an essential worker who clicked on our profile on social media, the Dad who met us at grocery distribution for the first time, or the member who has been coming to the Club for years, all of them will get a glimpse of the hope the Club has to offer even if our doors aren’t physically open.

"Ms. Ricq, the Eastside Branch Director, is helping get my senior ready for college even with the Club being closed. She has sent us college resources and virtual college tours to attend. We even shared some health goals with Ms. Ricq and she has not wavered in helping us meet them from home. I would like to thank Ms. Ricq and the Club for all they do not only for my family but many other families they are supporting while the Club isn't open." - Stacy, Club Mom

The Club must continue to provide valuable distance learning support. Your support today allows us to:

  • Increase technological capacity to support daily programming videos until the Club reopens
  • Support our program staff with resources to create high-quality video experiences
  • Purchase increased number of supplies needed for supplemental distance learning activities distributed with food daily
  • As the demand for Club services increases, I appreciate your thoughtful consideration of a gift to support us. With your help, and our motivated team here at the Club, we can deliver the digital Optimal Club Experience to Club members and beyond.

    Together we can,

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    Demand for Club Services Increase Across Tarrant County

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