April 2, 2020
April 2, 2020
April 15, 2020
April 15, 2020

April 10, 2020: Real Boys & Girls Club Heroes

I hear kids at our Clubs talk about professional athletes all the time. For many of them, a professional athlete is a hero - they are a representation of overcoming obstacles, conquering challenges, hard work and of course, success. However, the Coronavirus, even for a professional athlete, presents a significant challenge: an abrupt end to a season, a change in schedule, and fear of the unknown.

No one, not even heroes, are immune to that right now.

Boys & Girls Club has always had a dear friend in Dallas Cowboys Linebacker, Sean Lee. For several years he and his wife, Megan, have been advocates for our Club kids. They know that the consistency of the Club is critical. When it became clear COVID-19 would have a significant impact on our Club members and the way we are able to serve them, Sean and Megan were among the first to raise their hand asking “How can we help?”

Last week, Sean and Megan Lee gave a gift to ensure that we can serve 20,000 meals in a time of uncertainty.

Their generosity helps us get started. They understand that this effort will take all of us so they have also issued a challenge to others to follow in their steps. We are committed to feeding families until the end of May, and we need to go all the way to score a touchdown of our own.

Thank you, Sean and Megan. They are real Boys & Girls Club heroes.

Together we can,

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Real Boys & Girls Club Heroes.

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